Thursday, June 24, 2010

How I Almost Killed My Husband

It started with a little discomfort in the chest, mistaken for indigestion.
A stress test was recommended.

He failed.
And now, four days later, my husband is a man who has to watch his diet, limiting fats, salt and anything else that might raise his cholesterol and contribute to his heart disease.

I doubt I'll be baking Nutella Rugelach any time soon.
The Katharine Hepburn brownies will be a once-in-awhile treat.
And the homemade gelato that calls for 2 cups of heavy cream and five egg yolks?
Sorry honey, we'll stick with the strawberry sorbet.

Bob exercises obsessively regularly. 
He doesn't drink. He doesn't smoke. 
He has a penchant for pizza and aged Gouda, but for the most part, eats pretty well.

And it's not like I tried to kill him.
There are so many delicious foods and recipes out there just begging to be recreated in my kitchen. In the name of research, I just had to try them out.

Sure the ones with lots of chocolate and butter shout the loudest and show off like flirty girls.

Heart-Healthy Foods

But don't ignore the hummus, the roasted vegetable manicotti, the turkey meatballs or  even the psychedelic cole slaw.
All delicious, and all consumed hungrily and with enthusiasm (ok, maybe he wasn't all that jazzed about the hummus). I feed him well, maybe a bit too well at times.
I think we can do better.

I'll be making, and posting, more good-for-you dishes, in an effort to keep us all healthier. But I won't ignore the sweets that keep you (and me) happy. We'll eat them in moderation.

Or whenever Bob is out of town.


  1. Oh, my! I'm so glad to hear that you caught this and that he is still with you, body and soul. Scary!

    I can relate to the challenges of enjoying eating the sweets and treats more than is good for me or my cholesterol-challenged husband. My own blog is called "Healthy Abundance," because I aim to embrace the love of food and flavor, while being mindful of health and nutrition. But, if you take a look at the things i've actually blogged about... Well, let's just say, it's not a balanced diet and leave it at that.

    I remain convinced that it IS possible to eat great food that keeps us satisfied and vigorous. But I agree it's important to enjoy the butter and cream modestly.

    I'm looking forward to learning along with you!

    In the meantime, give your husband a big hug for all of us.

  2. Me too :) About three years ago my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We totally changed our diet (and he exercises EVERY day). It is no longer an issue!! (except now I hide in the laundry room to have dessert :) I'm glad your husband caught it before suffering a heart attack!

  3. So sorry to hear about your husband. Thank God you caught it in time! I'll be looking forward to your new healthier treats. In fact, strawberry sorbet sounds pretty darn good!

  4. was fun while it lasted.

    But healthy IS tasty....and you DO do it well!

  5. Thanks Janet, Healthy Abundance is a concept I firmly embrace.

    Susan, glad to hear you had success with a diet change. I'll meet you in the laundry room for brownies and ice cream.

    Yes Susan, not a thing wrong with that strawberry sorbet. Think I'll make another batch this weekend.

    Linda, you're so right - it was fun while it lasted! But I'm sure we can still have fun with less fat.

  6. Must have been frightening. Glad to hear it can all be made better with healthy eating. The strawberry sorbet looked delicious so I think he'll do great! Looking forward to your fabulously delicious and healthy recipes.

  7. been there. doing that. The hummus is actually good. mono unsat fatty acids keep the plaque down. think it has more to do with butter in all the baked goods and probably family history -- which Don's Doc says you cannot escape.

    Your husband is skinny tho'

  8. M i d d l e A g e . . . :-(

  9. Sorry to hear about Bob's high cholesterol. What a bummer. I know you can cook wonderful food that he can eat and I guess we should all be eating too, but we do love your sweet recipes too.

  10. Alicia, I'm not sure it can be made all better with healthier eating, but at least it gives me something to do for him.

    Steph, it is mostly genetics, but even knowing that doesn't make it feel any better!

    You said it, Sean.

    Kathy, don't worry - there'll still be sweets! I can't live without them!

  11. Oh, boy. Good luck with the lifestyle changes that are sure to follow. I know it would be very difficult for me to make those changes myself. I'm sorely lacking in willpower or the desire for a change, which is why after 2 plus years of blogging I'm no longer a size 0 or 2.

  12. Good thing you got in the trip to Italy before all of this!! Sometimes ignorance is bliss, if only momentary.

    So glad he caught it early. My best to both of you! Can't wait to see some more healthy recipes, and yes, moderation is key.


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